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SFB 692 - H A L S - High-strength al-based lightweight materials for safety components



Executive director

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Martin F.X. Wagner

Chemnitz University of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Materials Engineering Group
09107 Chemnitz

Telefon: 0371 / 531-38683
Telefax: 0371 / 531-23829

Dipl.-Ing. Stephanie Frint

Chemnitz University of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Materials Engineering Group
09107 Chemnitz

Telefon: 0371 / 531-39597
Telefax: 0371 / 531-23829

Contact persons / Subprojects

  Contact persons/Email Subproject
A1Prof. M. Wagner
A1 - ECAP of high-strength aluminium alloys at cryogenic temperatures
A2Prof. M. Wagner
Prof. D. Nestler
Prof. B. Wielage
A2 - Material design and thermo-mechanical treatment of AMCs
A4Dr.-Ing. A. Sterzing
A4 - Technologies for Graded Ultra-Fine-Grained Materials
B2Prof. T. Lampke
B2 - Corrosion resistant conversion coatings for Al-based materials
B3Prof. B. Awiszus
Dr.-Ing. M. Stockmann
Dr.-Ing. C. Binotsch
B3 - Systematic adjustment of local material and interface properties for the production of hybrid Al-Mg-compounds
C1Dr.-Ing. K. Hockauf
C1 - Strength/ Failure
C2Prof. J. Ihlemann
C2 - Material laws and identification
C4Prof. U. Götze
Dr. A. Schmidt
C4 - Target Life Cycle Costing and Innovation Controlling
C5Prof. M. Wagner
C5 - Localization phenomena in ECAPed aluminium materials
D2Prof. A. Schubert
D2 - Generation of Predefined Surface Properties by Finish Cutting and Finish Forming of Particle Reinforced Lightweight Construction Materials
D5Prof. A. Schubert
Dr.-Ing. M. Hackert-Oschätzchen
D5 - Finish Machining of High-Strength Particle Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composite Materials (AMCs) by Electrochemical Machining
D6Prof. P. Mayr
Dr.-Ing. T. Grund
D6 - Joining concepts for bulk and sheet metal structures of high-strength light-weight materials
T4Prof. M. Wagner
Prof. T. Lampke
T4 - Continuum dislocation theory for severe plastic deformation of aluminium alloys
T5Prof. J. Ihlemann
Dr.-Ing. A. Shutov
T5 - Simulation-based extension of the Presta process for assembled camshafts
T6Prof. S. Odenwald
Prof. M. Wagner
T6 - High strength aluminum based materials with tailored damping properties for professional racing sleds
T7Prof. T. Lampke
Dr.-Ing. K. Hockauf
T7 - Integration of effective heat treatment strategies into the processing of high-strength aluminum bolts
Z1Prof. M. Wagner
Z1 - Central administrative project of the SFB 692
Z2Prof. M. Wagner
Z2 - Centralisation of the services for textural and structural investigations

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