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SFB 692 - H A L S - High-strength al-based lightweight materials for safety components

Z2 - Centralisation of the services for textural and structural investigations


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Martin F. X. Wagner

Chemnitz University of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Chair of Materials Science
09107 Chemnitz

0371 / 531-38683
0371 / 531-23829


Apart from special microstructural and structural investigations which have to be carried out only in the respective subprojects, many routine microstructural and structural investigations are necessary within the framework of the SFB. As a service project, the subproject Z2 is intended to relieve the subprojects and avoid redundant work by centralising the routine work (e.g. microsection preparation for materialographic investigations, hardness measurement, grain size analysis, identification of chemical composition, measurement of texture and residual stress, phase identification) and by coordinating external services.

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